NHL's Anthony Stewart arrives in Nottingham

NHL winger Anthony Stewart arrived in Nottingham earlier today and immediately announced he's itching to get out on the ice and play for the GMB Panthers.

Anthony is here, after the NHL lock-out started, on a short-term contract and will make his home debut on Tuesday against Cardiff Devils.

"It was a long journey but I'm glad to be here. I checked Nottingham out on the web and talked to a few people and I'm looking forward to my Nottingham experience, thanks for having me," said the Carolina Hurricanes' forward who can be heard on Panthers Radio right now by clicking on the link from panthers.co.uk

He quickly met up with some familiar faces having played with David Ling in juniors and Martin Tuma and Pat Gallivan in the minor pro-leagues of North America.

Anthony talked briefly to the media and the club website and then said: "I'm going to get some sleep and I'll be raring to go at training on Thursday."

Then he was off to the hotel.