200706 | Keward

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With our retro television coverage switching to Friday-Saturday-Sunday action this week Wednesday sees a rare insight into the past as Panthers’ Radio with XYNOMIX broadcasts the Nottingham Panthers superb Wembley victory in their first ever visit to the play-off finals.

The 1989 success came against the odds and against the predictions of all the pundits.

In a rare recording we’ll bring the passion to life from a match that will stir the memories of everyone who was there and will invoke the imaginations of any hockey fan that wasn’t.

Former Panther Dwayne Keward previews the broadcast on Panthers’ Radio with XYNOMIX right now. Hear him through the image above or the link in the Radio Buzz section.

The match coverage broadcast goes live at 7.30pm on Wednesday evening. (July 9th 2020).

Stay safe and enjoy.

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