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201019 | Christmas

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Amid all the unknowns we’ve got at least one certainty lined up for Christmas 2020... We’re going to have a special shirt and we are hoping that you guys will help us to design it!

We had such a fantastic response to our design-a-shirt competitions in the past (Valentines and Halloween this year alone) we thought we could tap in to your amazing support and imaginations for our 2020 Christmas shirts which will be used for the online raffles.

Christmas is a time for giving so we’re looking at putting up a line-up of players renown for giving others the opportunity to score goals… the playmakers... players with big numbers in the assists column… players who kept an eye on the line mates and so on.

As usual the competition is open to all ages. You don’t have to be a graphic designer with space age technology. A biro and a piece of paper and the ability to email it in is all you need. Coloured pencils, felt-tips or computerised formats – they’re all welcome, so have a think and try to get your ideas in to us before the end of this month.

As a prize the winning designer will win you an exclusive shirt with the namebar and number of your choice!

Entries should be sent to before the stroke of midnight on Sunday November 1st.

We can’t wait to unwrap your ideas!

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