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To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the sport’s return to the city we’ve had replica shirts made from that era’s biggest achievement – Wembley 1989.

The first five made up the prizes in last week’s popular online draw. Now, we launch the second half of this special prize-fund with this week’s shirts bearing the namebars and numbers of the two ‘import’ defencemen alongside three of the Brits who played such an important role in confounding the odds and bringing the most sought after of trophies back to Nottingham.

The design is proving very popular but with five prizes up for grabs and a limit on the total number of tickets sold you’re still in with a good chance of lifting a rarity amongst Panthers’ memorabilia.

Back in 1989 coach-of-the-year Alex Dampier broke the mould in the three-import era by signing two Canadian defencemen and just one forward. He put his trust in the club’s British players to take on the responsibility of helping with the scoring. Everyone else had two foreign forwards lighting the lamps around the league. Dampier’s plan worked and the team’s first ever trip to the play-off finals weekend at Wembley saw them come back with the trophy.

We’ve got five shirts based on that triumph up for grabs in this week’s raffle:

  • #18 DURDLE
  • #10 WEBER
  • #6 FRASER
  • #8 BREMNER

These shirts are stunning replicas of the originals with a traditional black body with gold and white sleeve and welt stripes PLUS the authentic front of jersey logo from the time.

And the only way to get hold of one is to win one.

It’s just a pound a ticket. To join in the fun, simply CLICK HERE.

Terry Kurtenbach and Darren ‘Doc’ Durdle had licence to roam from the back and when they jumped into the play the likes of D-man turned winger John Bremner would swing back on to the blueline to provide vital cover. Gavin Fraser was the team joker with his one-liners and Randall Weber was another forward who weighed in with points to help out the scoring.

Good luck everyone! Raffle ends Sunday December 27th at 9pm.

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