Aladdin Cup – how it works

Aladdin Cup – how it works Top Image

The Aladdin Cup will be competed over three games starting with Cardiff’s visit to Nottingham tomorrow (August 12th 7pm)

Braehead play in Cardiff in the Aladdin Cup on Saturday August 19th and the Glasgow based team are in Nottingham 24 hours later on Sunday August 20th.

The teams will be awarded 3points for a win in regulation, 2points for an overtime or penalty-shoot-out victory and one point for an overtime or shoot-out loss.

Normal Elite League overtime and shoot-out rules apply (three-on-three for five minutes). If teams are tied on points the result between sides will be the first separator, then regulation wins, then number of games won in regulation time and overtime.

If still equal fewest losses will apply, then most goals scored, then fewest goals against.

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