Game night with the Panthers at Shooters

Game night with the Panthers at Shooters Top Image

Fans of the Nottingham Panthers are getting the chance to try their sporting luck - minus the puck - against their hockey heroes.

The players will be testing their skills off the ice when they go head-to-head with supporters at beer pong, darts, pool and shuffleboard in a special Challenge the Panthers night at Bierkeller Entertainment Complex.

The Friar Lane bar signed a two-season partnership deal with the Panthers when it opened in January.

And, with the largest non-cinema screen in the Nottingham at sports bar Shooters, it’s already become a huge favourite with fans watching all the live televised games.

Now they will be able to get even closer to their team, and maybe score a win or two against them, as the venue hosts its challenge night on September 28 at 7PM.

Supporters might stand no chance of out-pacing them on the ice, but how about with a ping-pong ball, or a pool cue?

Customers just need to sign up, in advance or on the night, then they’ll be able to compete for great prizes in whatever bar game they prefer.

A spokesman for Nottingham Panthers said the club was looking forward to getting involved in events at Shooters. “Through the sponsorship, we’re excited to work with a major name like Bierkeller Entertainment Group who have so much success across the country. The players always enjoy meeting fans and something like this gives them the chance to do it in a really fun way, plus everyone gets a great night out.”

Isaac Mayne, head of marketing and promotions for BurningNight Group which owns the Bierkeller Entertainment Complex, says he hopes this will be the first of many events over the next couple of seasons.

“We’re the number one venue for fans watching live sport in Nottingham, so we like to be able to offer them something unique when we can. Our partnership with the Panthers allows us to do that and we hope supporters will enjoy the opportunity to meet their favourite stars and to take them on in games where the odds are a bit more in their favour.”

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