Panthers vs Steelers: 500 and Counting

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Saturday’s big clash is sponsored by Nottingham café of the year THE BAKEHOUSE on Mansfield Road and the media’s been out in force this week adding to the build-up to Saturday’s big cup clash with Sheffield.

BBC TV East Midlands Today will feature the game and Rich Chernomaz will also be part of the chat team on BBC Radio Nottingham Friday night sports preview show. Panthers led the sports news in the north of the county on Mansfield 103.2 today as well.

On top of that Panthers have been building the game up nicely themselves with hosts of news stories plus the radio and television coverage in association with our broadcast partners Xynomix and the GMB. The Box Office reports ticket sales are still steady and at the current rate of sales it is likely that the bowl at the arena will be full by the time face-off comes around. It won’t take much of a spike in sales to have them dusting down the sold-out signs earlier than that.

Meanwhile Saturday’s game should see the first outing of the new intro video and music, PAWS sponsored by Planet Bounce will have his tunnel back on the ice and there are a couple of new twists to his introduction routine with DJ Ken to look forward to as well.

Later in the show PAWS will have giveaways from Planet Bounce, Creams Cafe, Flowervision, Arena Catering and more.

The shirt off his back prize this weekend will be former NHL first round draft pick Tyler BIGGS #12 and there are two superb retro play-off jerseys up for grabs in a brand new free to enter match magazine draw as the Panthers Journal makes its first outing of the season too.

After the game Panthers will be eating meals supplied by the Arena Catering team and Dan Green will be talking live and taking questions from the floor with one of the stars straight after the game in Encore too.

Fans are reminded the season long parking deal from Nottingham City Parking for the Arena Car Park is available. It works out at less than £2 per game day and you can use it all day on match days. It is available from 0115 8761444 and is the best value parking for matches anywhere in the city.

Alternatively, fans can use their match tickets or season ticket cards to cash in on the £2 return deal on the trams again this season to get to games.

The fifty-50 cash prize draw is in operation and with the big crowd it will no doubt have the biggest prize of the season so far. The sellers will be in their bright new bibs so look out for them and remember you’ve got to be in it to win it.

New Fans #001

WE HAVE GOT A LOT OF NEW FANS COMING TO THE GAMES AS PANTHERS’ POPULARITY CONTINUES TO SPREAD. TO HELP THEM - a newcomers’ guide to some of the rules for the fastest team sport in the world:

The rule book is hundreds of pages thick but there are some basics that help newcomers understand what’s going on around them.

To start with, it’s five skaters and a goalie per team. Two skaters on defence, three up front.

If the ref gives a team a penalty then the offending player sits in the penalty box.

If an opponent takes a penalty at the same time the penalties cancel each other out.

Penalties lead to power-plays and penalty-kills.

One team has to skate short-handed while the other has a man-advantage.

If a team scores on a power-play a player serving a minor (two minute penalty) returns to the ice. If he’s serving a major (five minute penalty) his team goes the full five minutes without him or a replacement regardless of whether the opposition score or not.


Offside is different in ice hockey to football. The puck must enter the attack zone (beyond the blue line) ahead of any attacking players. It’s as simple as that.

A team that is caught offside may be given the chance to “float” back onside without a whistle if they don't play the puck 'in the zone'.

The team that scores most goals wins! There’s ALWAYS a winner at ice hockey, if the score is tied at the end of sixty minutes we will have a period of sudden-death overtime (three skaters v three skaters) and if no-one scores in overtime we go to penalties!

Other rules will be explained by the announcer along the way or ask a neighbour, Panthers have some of the most knowledgeable spectators in the game.

The puck travels fast and is very hard. Please keep your eye on it at all times.

Panthers’ games are covered by copyright law. Unauthorized photography, filming, broadcasting and streaming of home matches is prohibited. Offenders will be excluded and could be subject to legal proceedings and or claims for damages.Please do not leave or go to your seat whilst the puck is in play. It’s rude and it’s dangerous.

The more you see the more you’ll understand and the more you’ll enjoy a night with the Panthers.



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