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191207 | Newcomers

191207 | Newcomers Top Image

We’ve got a lot of new fans lined up at the games in the coming weeks with Panthers having such a busy schedule this month.

To help them we’ve got a quick-fire guide to what’s happening on the ice. We’d also like to remind everyone that we’re very proud of our family-friendly reputation at home games and we have good behaviour guidelines that help to make sure everyone is made to feel welcome and safe whilst watching the fastest team sport in the world.

The puck travels fast and is very hard. Please keep your eye on it at all times.

There is no photography allowed of the matches at Panthers home games. Too many cameras have flash devices that don’t turn off and it’s dangerous, so no photography is allowed from the stands during play.

Please do not leave or go to your seat whilst the puck is in play. It’s rude and it’s dangerous. The general rule is simple – please be courteous to other spectators at all times and that includes sitting back in your seats. Thank you.

Meanwhile out on the ice the rule book is hundreds of pages thick but there are some basics that help newcomers understand what’s going on around them.

To start with, it’s five skaters and a goalie per team. Two skaters on defence, three up front.

If the ref gives a team a penalty then the offending player sits in the penalty box.

If an opponent takes a penalty at the same time the penalties cancel each other out.

Penalties lead to power-plays and penalty-kills. One team may have to skate short-handed while the other has a man-advantage.

If a team scores on a power-play a player serving a minor (two minute penalty) returns to the ice. If he’s serving a major (five minute penalty) his team goes the full fiveminutes without him regardless of whether the opposition manage to score nor how many times during the penalty.

Offside is different in ice hockey to football. The puck must enter the attack zone (beyond the blue line) ahead of any attacking players. Simple as that.

A team that is caught offside may be given the chance to “float” back onside without a whistle if they don't play the puck 'in the zone'.

You can’t hit the puck from your half of the ice to beyond the far goal line unless you are obviously going to get to it first. If not, play is whistled down, the offending team can’t change players and the face-off is staged near to their goal.

The team that scores most goals wins!

Ice hockey is fast and furious and it is a chain of short sharp shifts. The players change throughout a game. Think of it as a series of sprints rather than as a marathon.

Other rules will be explained by the announcer along the way or ask a neighbour. Ice hockey is a friendly sport and Panthers have some of the most knowledgeable spectators in the game. They’ll be happy to help.

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