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201011 | Halloween

201011 | Halloween Top Image

We're now halfway through our "Bat-to-the-Bone" roster as the latest set of jerseys, our second of four, that were on the line in our most recent online raffle came to a close on Sunday night with five more winners being crowned.

The full list of prizes and their winners are:

  • #13 BRIAN McGRATTAN: Jasmine Baker
  • #27 KELSEY WILSON: Simon Deakin
  • #43 BRENT HENLEY: Karen Galtress
  • #13 DODY WOOD: Mark O'Kane
  • #42 PAUL MORAN: Steven Chambers

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone for your support on these Halloween jerseys, it has been truly incredible and means the world to us.

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