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Panthers Magazine needs your Summer tales

Panthers Magazine needs your Summer tales Top Image

Each season, we like to feature some of our fans in the Panthers Magazine throughout the season and this year is no different.

We are launching a segment entitled “We Know What You Did Last Summer!” and we need your help.

Often, we get sent pictures with fans in exotic locations in their Panthers gear but we need you to go one step further.

Much like your essays from back in school, we want a few pictures and a couple of paragraphs telling us what you got up to this summer in your Panthers gear.

We’ve seen some fans heading abroad with their copy of ‘Panthers’ Italian Job’ and entries featuring that will be great too!

Of course, we aren’t asking you to do this work for nothing.

By the time we have received all the entries we need, we will announce a winner who will receive a goody bag of Panthers memorabilia, including a retro jersey!

Please send your entries to and nearing the beginning of the season, we will let you know which edition you will feature in.

If you haven’t got email, please send us a letter with your photos to: Calum Chalmers, 3 Malin Hill, Nottingham, NG1 1JQ, United Kingdom.

We look forward to reading your summer stories!

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