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Fri 26 Aug 2022 - 09:37AM



The Nottingham Panthers are excited to announce a sponsorship partnership with Skinny Food Co.

Skinny Food Co were founded in 2017, inspired by a desire to improve the relationship their diabetic family members had with food.

Starting small with ketchup and barbecue sauce – all gluten, fat and dairy-free with no added sugar, the product range grew to where it now boasts upwards of 500 products.

James Whiting, Skinny Food co-Director and co-Founder, said: “Personally, I’m a huge sports fan myself. As a Nottingham based company, it's important to us to have a strong presence in our home city.

“Partnering with such an established team such as the Panthers will help build our brand presence in Nottingham. We’re excited to continue to grow with the club.

“We believe this partnership will engross our brand further into the heart of Nottingham and assist us to achieve our ambitious marketing and business objectives.”

Wayne Starkey, Skinny Food co-Director and co-Founder, said: “Not only are we extremely happy that our partnership with Nottingham Panthers will help us build upon our strong local presence, we’re also super excited to produce some fun campaigns for and with our local community.

“It's a massive honour to build upon the success we have already had with another prestigious sports club in our home city in Nottingham Forest. We’re looking forward to supporting our local team on and off the pitch, and I for one can not wait to get started.”

Panthers Commercial Director, Nicola Strachan, said: “I’d like to welcome James, Wayne and the team at Skinny Food Co and look forward to working with them.

“It’s fantastic to get such an up-and-coming and exciting Nottingham brand on-board with us and we hope this is the start of a very successful partnership.”

To find out more about Skinny Food Co, you can visit their website www.theskinnyfoodco.com. You can also link-up with them on Twitter @skinnyfoodco and Instagram @skinnyfoodco, as well as on Facebook at www.facebook.com/skinnyfoodco.